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Having an engineering degree is not enough to secure a place in today’s competitive job market. It is also not the ultimate indicator of any individual’s quality or competence of doing industry level job. Rather, every candidate in the job market must need relevant work experience, good knowledge over technologies, different levels of skill and good positive frame of mind. The working world is largely different from their academic practises. A good industrial training program can put lots of these component into the preparation of a job-seeker for the competition. Industrial Training program enhance their knowledge and sharpen the skill. They can get a glimpse of their working life.

Industrial/Winter Training for 2015-16 will start from Dec - January     Register Online     

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Industrial/Winter training program under the guidance of Sourish Dutta at BrotherzDesk, for 2015-16 batch is going to start from December 2015. Register online to secure a place.
Online Registration for Industrial Training
[Session : Winter]
Start Date : 26.12.2015
Reservation will be done First Come First basis.
Rs. 1000/- advance and the rest at the time of admission. Register and view notice here.

ASP dot Net with C# and MS SQL are used to develope web services. Training on dot Net will help to get job in all level of IT companies.

Java with Oracle used in various types of apps. Mainly practiced by MNCs. Training on Java will help to perform well in projects at MNCs.

PHP with MYSQL is mostly used technology in web apps by all levels of companies. Training on PHP is must for today's IT market.

All the candidates who completed the training program may apply for job at BrotherzDesk. Job at BrotherzDesk will provide a huge scope of learning and become experienced.

BrotherzDesk also offers Internship program for engineering students from CSE/IT dept. Students/ colleges need to apply at hr@brotherzdesk.com or career@sourishdutta.com

Process - Rules - Terms - Conditions

1. Every candidate must apply online through sourishdutta.com for IT (Industrial Training).
2. The IT is organized with BrothezDesk, a Kolkata based s/w & web development and electronic research & development company. The certificate will be provided by the company.
3. After applying online candidate must download the registration form and print a hardcopy of it, fill it with a passport size photograph attached on it. The completed form should be send to the office personally before or on the day of addmission/start day of training. After successfull application the candidate will be provided with an Registration Email Id. It is important to remember this Id, so copy it.
4. There may be some sections in the form for office use, candidate must not fill those sections.
5. The candidate need to pay Rs.1000/- (Rupees One Thousand) only as a part of the Training Fee after the Application within 7 weekdays, otherwise the application may be cancelled. The rest of the fee must be paid at the time of submission of Registration Form/before commencement of the training. For projects on electronics, charges for elctronics parts may cost extra (if needed).
6. The time slot choosen is a request by the candidate that may or may not be confirmed depending on the availability. Slots will be given as First come first serve basis.
7. The training includes a compalsory project work. The certificate will only be issued after the submission of a complete project work. The project will be completely guided by our experienced project guide.
8. At the end of the training there will be an Interview on the project work done by the candidate. Every candidate must participate on the interview. 60% of the training grade will be evaluated on the basis of the performance in the interview.
9. The classes will be organized 2/3/5 days /week, 2/3 hours/day basis. The classes and the centre will be closed on Sunday and any other holidays declared by BrotherzDesk.
The training does not include any promiss of placement. But all the participants of the training program may apply to the company for placement. Suitable candidate may be placed from them.

Training Pictures

Any further query or help contact: Sourish Dutta

Mobile : +91-9830226304